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KODAK Max 400 ASA 36 Exposure Color Film Rolls (Kodak400)

KODAK Max 400 ASA 36 Exposure Color Film Rolls , Electronics Dropshipper - Model: Kodak400

 KODAK Max 400 ASA 36 Exposure Color Film Rolls for Less!

Max 400 Film Demo

  • The world's most versatile 400 speed film. Great pictures in sunlight, low light, action, or still. If you currently use 100 or 200 speed film, MAX Versatility film will improve up to 25 percent of your pictures.
  • MAX Film gives you great pictures anywhere, any time. It delivers sharp, colorful images in a wide variety of conditions fast action or no action; outdoors or indoors. If you currently use 100 or 200 speed film, MAX 400 film will improve up to 25 percent of your pictures.
  • Great Quality Much better Price!
  • Buy 36 Exposure Color Films at Price Cheaper than 24 Exposure Film Rolls!
  • Film Roll Expiry May 2004
  • 100% Money back guarantee Get Full Refund if not satisfied with quality.
  • Films are Made is USA- Packed in India
  • How We Bring You Low Prices
    These film Rolls are Made in USA and packed in india. Kodak produces films in USA and ships uncut big rolls to different parts of world. These films are then cut and packed in these countries. Due to world economy and foreign currency exchange rates, cost of film rolls in Asian Countries is much cheaper compared to local market. There is no difference in quality, we GUARANTEE every roll of film we sell. We offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of product.

  Model No: Kodak400
  Weight: 90 GMS

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