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KODAK Max 400 ASA 36 Exposure Color Film Rolls , Electronics Dropshipper - Model: Kodak400
KODAK Max 400 ASA 36 Exposure Color Film Rolls
(Model: Kodak400)
The world's most versatile 400 speed film. Great pictures in sunlight, low light, action, or still. If you currently use 100 or 200 speed film, MAX Versatility film will improve up to 25 percent of your pictures.

Price: US$1.50

Pro View Anti-Glare Screen(PAGS) , Electronics Dropshipper - Model: ProDot
Pro View Anti-Glare Screen(PAGS)
(Model: ProDot)
Protect your eyes from Glare, Radiation & Ultra Violet Rays

Price: US$14.99


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