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What is Factory Renewed?
A product is labeled 'Factory renewed' for any number of reasons:
  • Open Box: Items cannot be sold as new if product packing is removed without a purchase.
  • Returns: Consumers can return products for any reason. Perhaps the consumer didn't like the product or had difficulty getting the item to work. Whether it's the very next day or months later, these items must be identified as 'reconditioned' or 'refurbished' to be resold.
  • Scratch and Dents: Some items are returned with visible wear and tear. makes every effort to ensure that our reconditioned merchandise does not include 'Scratch and Dents.'

How are products renewed?
Every renewed product must pass a thorough examination. After repairing any defect and sanitizing, the product is repackaged. This service may be performed by the original manufacturer, a reputable professional outside firm or at our supplier's warehouse. All products are returned to like-new or almost new condition.

How do I identify 'Factory Renewed' products?
We note these products on our site with this icon. The products will also contain (R) in the model number (i.e. SON123(R)).

Will 'Factory Renewed' products come in different packaging?
By law, product packaging must state if an item is factory renewed. Packaging and terminology may differ from the original. Some items will arrive in a regular retail box with a sticker indicating that it's reconditioned, refurbished, or factory serviced. Some items are repackaged in a plain brown or white box. Enclosed manuals may refer to accessories (camera cases, straps, etc.) that are not included with the reconditioned product. Be sure read over the product information page for a list of included accessories.

What makes a 'Factory Renewed' item such an excellent purchase?

  • Factory renewed products maintain high quality standards. Each item is checked at least twice for proper working condition and quality. In fact, renewed goods have a very low (2-percent) return rate.
  • The price you pay for a renewed item is much lower than at retail.
  • Our guarantee covers every renewed item you purchase.

Legal Note
Because we source some goods through wholesalers and retailers, not all sales of goods on the site are necessarily endorsed by or affiliated with the original manufacturer of the goods or the owner or licensee of a mark associated with the goods., however, stands by all sales on the site and offers its guarantees and warranties on all sales.

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